Skills Miner

Skills Miner uncovers engineering skills through gameplay and exploration.

At Enginuity, we have harnessed Minecraft’s popularity to bring engineering to life in a fun and innovative way.

Our award-winning Skills Miner games and lessons enable players to immerse themselves in engineering: tackling challenges; solving problems, and gaining real insight into what it takes to become an engineer.

Designed for use in the classroom and completely free-of-charge, Enginuity has partnered with education specialists to ensure our games are built in line with the English curriculum and Gatsby benchmarks.

Skills Miner: Home Energy

Skills Miner Home Energy encourages the development of green engineering skills through a familiar, domestic world which poses power and energy challenges.

Skills Miner: Aerospace

Find out what it’s like to design, construct and fuel a commercial aircraft through this collection of Minecraft games.

The benefits of using the Education Edition of Minecraft in schools include:

  • Learning is brought to life in line with the existing curriculum.
  • The games support teachers with specially-created videos and lesson plans that provide opportunities to talk about everything from material properties to career pathways.
  • Zero cost barrier therefore highly inclusive. (lots of schools can have Education Edition licenses free of charge).

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is the world’s most played game. It is accessible, packed with educational features and provides endless opportunity for collaboration.

Playing Minecraft enhances creativity and develops problem-solving skills in a safe and secure environment.

Data usage

Please note our Skills Miner games are built in the education edition of Minecraft; they’re not hosted on Java and don’t collect data.

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Skills Miner Technical FAQs

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