Green WorkForce

Let’s build a greener, sustainable Engineering workforce

For businesses to adapt, they need a capable workforce. This means upskilling, reskilling and identifying future skills needs.

Securing sustainable careers and attracting the next generation of talent is no easy task. It requires strategic planning and investment. We are building tools to help policy makers, employers and educators make informed decisions so they can achieve a successful future workforce.


Greener Skills Tool

How green is your workforce? What’s the future demand for engineers in your area?

We’ve spent the last two years developing a beta tool that identifies future demand and the roles which can help drive sustainable living and working, helping you to plan for a more greener, sustainable future.

For example, we have analysed home energy efficiency data to build a picture of the future need for heat pump engineers per location in the UK.

Our tool also identifies improvements in ways of working and tasks, and will provide information on how to become ‘greener.’


What's behind a Green Workforce?

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Our aim is to cut through the data and make our insight meaningful so you can use it to drive decision making in your workplace. We’d also love your input on how our tools can work for you and your workforce skill challenges.

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