How green is your job?

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How ‘Green’ is your job? - It sounds like a straightforward enough question, but there are plenty of ways to ask it:

·      Where do you put the emphasis?

·      Are you asking someone to describe the greenness of their job?

·      Or are you challenging an individual, asking how green is your job?

Whichever way you ask, and while on the surface it does seems like a straightforward question, it is difficult to answer without first knowing what is meant by ‘Green’.

No simple answer

Governments around the world are moving to tackle climate change but there is no universal definition of green, or more specifically, a green job and the green economy.  

Instead, the term “green” is commonly applied to a wide variety of products, services, and even lifestyle or consumer choices.

O*NET - a valuable tool

In 2009, O*NET – a primary source of occupational information for the US - stated that green economy activities and technologies will have different effects on different occupations – and so it is essential to move beyond simply applying a broad label such as “green.”

Why is this important for the engineering Sector and for the skills agenda in general?

Here at Enginuity, we are enabling manufacturing and engineering to achieve net zero by identifying how today’s workforce – and tomorrow’s – achieves the right skills, at the right time.  

We have identified green skills and located where they sit in manufacturing. We are determining how the current workforce can upskill or reskill to use them and we are predicting and / or quantifying the possible scale of change.

How did we do it?

By thinking differently. Our team of data experts have updated and built on the work that O*NET started in 2009, taking a unique approach to aggregating data to identify skills and determine how the current workforce can upskill or reskill.

Our work has enabled us to predict and quantify the possible scale of change –essentially answering the question: how green is your job?

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